Work Team Dynamics

This program is for leaders who are initiating new project structures, creating a set of new teams, or seek to revitalise existing teams.

A series of theory and application sessions concludes in an intensive experiential team lab. The team lab involves creating, monitoring and de-briefing a series of team work situations.

Program Focus

  • Understand the dynamics of team work
  • Create role clarity 
  • Learn how to work with conflict
  • Manage rapid change and flexibility
  • Explore leading and being lead

First applied in an IT division to assist the implementation of a fast changing project team structure. The program has evolved through application in several other organisations.

Participants appreciate the experiential learning lab. People report feeling challenged and learning from observing the theory in action, in themselves and others. 


‘This is the first program I’ve done that takes teams seriously. The whole process was challenging and gave me deeper frameworks to take away.’

‘If you want to be challenged and really learn about team dynamics this is the course for you.’

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A learning program that explores how to structure and manage effective work teams.


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