Resilience at Work

This program is for individuals seeking to increase their resilience and organisations aiming to develop more resilient work cultures. The program is grounded in evidence-based research drawn from the fields of psychology, organisational change, personal change, and health studies. 

Program focus

  • Recognise and work with your individual motivations and purpose
  • Understand the relationship between emotions, thinking and distress
  • Learn how stress effects the body and nervous system 
  • Build preventive strategies as a platform for resilience
  • Use mindfulness to enhance creativity
  • Appreciate how to use emotions constructively
  • Examine the components of a flexible and resilient workplace

First applied in a re-insurance firm this program has since been delivered in human service, finance, communications, community sector, and government contexts. Over two thousand people have participated in the program in two day, one day and a series of half-day formats.

People appreciate the dual focus in the program on personal and workplace development. 


‘An educational and enjoyable program. Gave me at least 3 new ideas I have already implemented in my work day that are proving helpful’

‘This has been the trigger for our team to re-examine how we are organising our work. Its given us some shared ideas and principles that will keep us honest!’

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An experiential learning program to promote energy and effectiveness at work.


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