Relationships at Work

This program is for individuals, managers or work teams seeking to build better working relationships.

Program focus

  • Understand the impact of relationships on organisational outcomes
  • Learn how to conduct a relationship audit
  • Explore the fundamentals of 'working' relationships
  • Appreciate your personal strengths and development areas
  • Understand your own and others personal relating styles
  • Learn skills in conflict resolution and negotiation
  • Understand the implications and dynamics of bullying and harassment

First applied in a not for profit organisation as part of a change project aimed at creating a ‘work community’. 

Participants appreciate the experiential learning format and the immediate application of skills to day-to-day working life.


‘A really good program to help us to talk about what is actually important’ 

‘Surprisingly fun and interesting. Helped me realise how I am helping and hindering the effort of my team. Excellent examples and the case studies were helpful’

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A learning program that examines how to create effective workplace relationships.


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