Frameworks, Surveys, and Tools

Frameworks, tools and surveys shine light on key issues, refine thinking, and support action conversations in organisations. They should be relevant, specific and easy to understand.

Frameworks and Organisational Surveys

We design using a collaborative action research method.

We specialise in developing

  • skills and competencies frameworks
  • succession and talent frameworks
  • leadership frameworks
  • employee satisfaction surveys
  • climate surveys
  • culture surveys

360 Assessment 

A useful 360 assessment consolidates strengths and highlights specific development needs. We offer two 360 degree survey approaches.

360 Conversation

This is a unique one-to-one interview method. We assess a client’s effectiveness by conducting structured interviews with peers, leaders and direct reports. The data is collated and presented in a 360 degree summary report and de-briefed.

This method ensures development areas are pinpointed. Senior leaders find the examples and specifics of the data revealing. This method is often used in the initial stages of coaching programs.

360 Surveys

We have partnered with the Centre for Creative Leadership to offer 4 globally recognised 360 surveys.

  • Executive Dimensions® assesses top-level leadership behaviors.
  • Benchmarks® measures the skills learned through development that are critical for success, as well as, possible career derailers.
  • Prospector® assesses skills for learning and leading.
  • 360 BY DESIGN® focuses on competencies important to the organisation.

These tools are utilised as part of coaching or development planning projects. 

Frameworks should be relevant, specific and easy to understand.


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