Negotiation and Conflict

This program is for people in roles involving negotiation and the management of conflict. Skilled leaders have the capacity to handle conflict situations and negotiate in various situations. 

Program focus

  • Learn the theory and practice of effective negotiation 
  • Understand the role of conflict in negotiation
  • Appreciate the strengths and limitations of various conflict negotiation styles
  • Increase confidence to negotiate in different situations
  • Develop positive relationships while negotiating difficult issues
  • Increase capability to ‘get to yes’ with different people 

First applied in a large property company this program has been delivered for graduates and middle leaders. 

People appreciate the case study and scenario based learning approach. It allows theory to be learned in real time, applied in the moment and tested against real life situations.


‘Loved the war room activity. Showed me exactly how I react. Now I can see what I can do about it.’

‘The biggest learning for me was how much emotions impact on a negotiation. I thought I was going to take away some basic tips but I got a lot more’

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This program explores how you can use specific negotiation skills to influence decisions and actions, particularly where the stakes high.


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