Men and Work

Specifically designed for organisations wanting to engage men on work / life balance, diversity and flexibility issues.

Program focus 

The program has four core modules. 

Module 1 - "Navigating Work and Personal Life"
Recent research indicates that work/life conflict can impact on effectiveness at work, the quality of our relationships and personal wellbeing. This module examines how important flexibility is in our lives and explores ways we can make a difference.

Module 2 - "Self and Good Health"
Physical and psychological health is the foundation of a successful and fulfilled work and home life. This session introduces simple and effective strategies that promote health at home and work.

Module 3 - " Relating Better"
This module examines predictors of good relationships, how to best manage changing expectations and explores strategies for getting the most out of them at home and work.

Module 4 - "Fathering and mentoring"
Is it possible to be both successful as a father and successful at work? Increasingly men are more aware of their expanded role as a father and/or mentor. This session examines the key strategies to fatherhood and mentoring. It is open to fathers and non-fathers.

First developed as a government pilot project, this program has been implemented across over 20 organisations in diverse sectors including building, finance and mining. It was highlighted to the OECD as a best practice model of programs for men in the workplace. 

Participants appreciate the informal networking, open facilitation format which allows people to engage and be themselves.


‘A mark of success of the program in my organisation is the fact that a number of men who had worked in the same building without ever exchanging words, are now friends and regularly discuss a range of issues associated with their work and family lives’

‘Men at Work is a catalyst for individual change. It's all about choice and balance’

‘It confirmed for me that a healthy balance between work and family life is important not just for my family but also for my own happiness, well being and performance at work. The program also helped me identify where and how I could make changes to get that balance.’ 

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A workplace program for men designed to examine balance, health, relationships, fathering and mentoring.


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