Life and Work

This learning program explores and develops keys to work/ life satisfaction.

The program is for individuals or organisations seeking a new approach to work/life, diversity and flexibility. 

Program focus

  • Examine and clarify your personal and work goals
  • Identify your personal values, motivations and purpose
  • Set clear directions and action plans
  • Develop creative work practices and flexible work options

First applied in an insurance organisation to reshape work practices to support greater flexibility. This program has since been adapted various organisations including the community and communications sector.

People appreciate the space for reflection, learning from each other and experimenting with new strategies.


‘Some of the activities were a real eye opener for me. The coloured time diary made a huge impact and I can already see changes coming from that’

‘This was the first time a group of leaders have had a robust discussion about flexibility and how to really make it work. Excellent facilitation and case studies’

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People with better work/life balance and quality relationships are more likely to have higher and more sustained levels of performance.


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