Leading Change

This program is for members of a change team or leaders of various change initiatives. 

Program Focus

  • Understand frameworks for thinking about change
  • Explore how your own role history impacts on your leadership of change
  • Understand the dynamics of leadership, followership and uncertainty
  • Explore case histories of change in organisations ‘outside’ your own
  • Participate in think-tank sessions on change projects
  • Initiate planning and design of projects

First applied in a top tier mining organisation and embedded as part of a wider change initiative in the organisation. We have adapted this type of program for a range of industries.

Participants appreciate the relaxed atmosphere, the challenging learning, the think-tank sessions and exploring their own real life scenarios.


‘I knew a lot of the theory about change before the program. What I found invaluable was working on case studies and my current leadership challenges. I have a much deeper appreciation of my role in the change process.’

‘I’m taking away the idea that change never ends. That simple idea has turned my whole way of thinking around 180 degrees. Awesome program – held my attention right the way along – cheers.’

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A learning program designed to explore, understand and take up leadership of change.


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