Contemporary organisations require leaders who manage flexibly, are comfortable with uncertainty, and think creatively. Developing these capabilities is a continuous process.

Our work is designed to help leaders think about their roles, and influence the work systems in which they operate.

We work with experienced and emerging leaders through one-to-one coaching, small groups, learning projects, and structured programs.

We integrate contemporary thinking into our work and are not bound to one leadership model. We are known for our innovative learning methods that combine reflective learning and practical, real world change.

We offer leadership development for

Executive and Senior Leaders
To enhance strategic capacity and ability to influence their organization. We use individual coaching and specifically designed leadership programs and projects.

Middle Leaders
To enhance their execution, planning and mind for management. We use leadership pods, follow up coaching and intensives. 

New Leaders 
To help them step into the management role with authority. We use seminars, events and structured programs. 

Diversity Leadership

Diversity capability is a central to leadership, particularly given the increasing diversity of the workforce and the continuing shift to global business operations.  Diversity refers to all the ways we differ.  Some of these differences we are born with (eg., female or male) and some we acquire (eg., language, values); some are visible (eg., age, race) and some are invisible (eg., religious beliefs, approaches to problem solving). Having a diversity in perspectives at all levels of a business delivers innovation, more effective business analysis, and greater capability to predict future trends and business opportunities. 

We work with leaders to develop their diversity capability to deliver positive outcomes for individuals, teams and organisations, resulting in:

  • increased organisational capability by recruiting, retaining and motivating the best people;
  • increased decision-making effectiveness, especially in senior teams;
  • being better equipped to anticipate and meet changing business needs;
  • increased creativity and innovation;
  • the long-term sustainability of your business and the communities within which you operate.

Below are recent examples of our work

Leadership Pods

Leader as Coach Initiative

Individual Coaching

We are known for our innovative learning methods that combine reflective learning and practical, real world change.


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