Facilitate and Present

A learning program to enhance the capacity to facilitate and present in teams and groups.

This program is for people who facilitate and present in teams, meetings or other environments. The skills of facilitation and presenting are intertwined. They are essential in team meetings, problem solving sessions, intervening in team dynamics, leading innovation, and influencing groups. 

Program focus

  • Explore the key steps to facilitate sessions and meetings
  • Learn best practice skills of presentation and facilitation
  • Learn nine steps to develop and deliver an effective presentation
  • Understand your strengths and challenges as a presenter and facilitator
  • Identify and develop your preferred presentation and facilitation style
  • Increase your confidence through observation and practice

First applied in a retail organisation the program has since been delivered for sales, human service, community sector and government clients. The program has also been adapted for human resource practitioners.

People appreciate the small coaching format, video review, and peer feedback. 


‘The best learning program I have attended. The small groups and highly skilled facilitation helped me relax. My confidence has increased a lot.’

‘I’ve done presentation courses before but never realised the skills are so applicable to my day-to-day leadership role. My team meetings have improved already. I’m thinking a lot differently’

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A great facilitator never presents and great presenters always facilitate.


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