Decision Making

This program is for organisations or leaders seeking to create a shared decision making framework in their teams/organisations.

The program uses case studies, real life decision making think-tanks and group decision making exercises tailored for the host organisation.

Program Focus

  • Identify relevant data sources to inform decisions
  • Explore the relationship of information and ‘instinct’ in decision making
  • Know when you have sufficient information to make a decision
  • Learn how to use your experience and judgement in taking calculated risks 

First applied in a large finance organisation to deepen middle tier leaders decision making capability. The program has been also been embedded in a range of our larger leadership projects.  

Participants appreciate the case study and scenario based learning approach. It supports applying theory in real time, using real life situations.


‘Excellent facilitation and structure. Really challenged my assumptions and gave me some new frameworks for our team to look at’

‘Doing this program as a team was great. Apart from the team building aspect it’s helped us construct a new decision making framework. I suspect it will keep us honest and help us avoid some of our recent pitfalls.’

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A learning program focussed on the art of effective decision making.


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