Coaching Skills for Leaders

This program is for organisations seeking to develop the coaching skills of leaders. The program is highly interactive and delivered in small groups, featuring coach lead demonstrations.

Program Focus

  • Understand different models of coaching and where to apply them
  • Increase your listening skills 
  • Improve strategic questioning and clarification skills
  • Develop your capacity to assist staff in finding creative solutions to challenges
  • Learn to adapt your coaching approach to individual differences 
  • Understand how to assist staff to take up authority
  • Learn to manage difficult conversations 
  • Develop your coaching style

First applied in a top tier finance company the program has since been delivered in a range of organisations to over a thousand leaders. 

People appreciate the relaxed and intimate learning space, one-to-one feedback and post program follow up.


‘If I can have the impact on my people that you have had on me then I will be a great leader.’

‘Three of my team have raved about this program. Now I see why. No bullshit, great facilitation and easy to apply. We should do more of it’

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A learning program that increases the capacity of leaders to coach and develop their people.


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