Our Approach

Coaching is about change. It is a unique space where leaders can focus and think about organisational and management dilemmas.

Our services include

  • Executive development
  • Transitions: moving to new leadership roles
  • Career development: discovering new career directions
  • Team development: creating effective work teams
  • Specialist coaching: supporting leaders in their functions as board members, major project sponsors and leaders of inter-organisational partnerships


Our coaching approach is based on twenty-five years of experience and research. Grounded in evidence-based approaches to change, we draw on the disciplines of psychology, sociology, management, and systems theory. We explore the person, their role, and the work system (organisation) in all our coaching programs.

A focus on the person entails working with emotional intelligence, felt authority, handling difficult situations and other inter-personal competencies.

A focus on role entails establishing role clarity, role alignment, improving work practices and accountabilities.

A focus on the organisation and work-system involves understanding and working with culture, strategy, influence, and vision.

Leadership effectiveness is an outcome of the best possible integration of these three areas. Each coaching program will emphasise each area according to need.

Coaching outcomes are created together. Research highlights positive outcomes rely on a solid working relationship and the personal and professional qualities of the coach. As a consequence, we pay particular attention to matching client needs with coach expertise.


Each coaching program begins with an exploration to determine the focus of the work. This involves a review of strengths and development areas using a variety of methods (eg, 360 tools and brief screening tools read more).

Programs generally involve

  • An initial assessment session
  • A joint session with your direct manager (or sponsor). Coaching focus, contract and progress review are established at this session.
  • The coaching sessions
  • Review and evaluation

Brief coaching programs consist of 6-8 sessions. Full coaching programs involve a series of sessions over 6-12 months. Program length is determined by need.

We pay particular attention to matching client needs with coach expertise.


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