Coach Education for Leaders

What is it?

‘Coaching Education for Leaders’ builds coaching skills in leaders and the organisation. The program is designed to increase individual capability and embed a coaching culture into the organisation.

Our Approach

Our approach to coaching education is experiential and based on leading edge interpersonal methods. Our training enables participants to acquire essential coaching skills for effective leadership in contemporary work environments.

Who would benefit from the program?


  • in leadership roles who wish to enhance their coaching capabilities
  • new to leadership seeking coaching skills to develop in their role
  • wishing to increase opportunities for promotions into leadership roles by developing their coaching knowledge and practice


  • that seek to develop the coaching skills of leaders and improve performance across the organisation
  • that want to embed coaching practices within existing performance management and development frameworks 

Program Delivery and Structure

The program is designed and tailored to each organisation. A typical program is conducted over 2-3 months and includes:

  • 2 full day small group education events
  • A series of 2 hour small group coaching seminars
  • A series of 1-1 implementation and review sessions
  • Access to an on-line reference, reading and education portal

The core modules we offer include

  • Understand different models of coaching and recognise contexts in which to apply them
  • Introduction to the Organisational Role Coaching (ORC) method
  • Develop or enhance your coaching approach
  • Increase your innate capacities as ‘deep listener’
  • Improve your strategic questioning and clarification skills to enable you to quickly assess challenges and identify appropriate approaches to resolving them
  • Develop your capacity to assist staff in finding their own creative resolutions to challenges in their roles
  • Learn to adapt your coaching approach through an understanding of individual differences
  • Understand how to assist staff to effectively take up the authority appropriate to their roles for the overall benefit of the organisation
  • Discover how to deal with ‘difficult situations’ by facilitating productive focused conversations around areas of conflict

 Program modules include

The program is structured in a highly engaging and interactive format to facilitate learning through experience.

  • Introduction to the framework
  • Individual coaching: role and dynamics in one-to-one situations
  • Team coaching: group dynamics within organisation structures
  • Managing and sustaining change through coaching processes
  • Review and implementation planning 

Each module contains

  • Theory and conceptual presentations
  • Demonstration of key skills and processes by coaches
  • Structured practice opportunities for participants in small and large groups
  • Feedback on participant practice by coaches and other program participants
  • Case based study

 Coaches and Facilitators

The program is facilitated by a minimum of 2 coaches. Each is an experienced executive coach with highly effective facilitation skills. This combination of practical experience and facilitation skill is vital for effective learning by participants.

Our training enables participants to acquire essential coaching skills for effective leadership in contemporary work environments.


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