Our Approach

Coaching is about change. It is a unique space where leaders can focus and think about organisational and management dilemmas.

Team Coaching

Team coaching enhances collective effort. It is a structured process to identify work practices and dynamics that will lift performance.

Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching programs assist executives and leaders to clarify and ‘step into’ their role.

Coaching in Groups

Groups are a natural environment for coaching. Groups of 2-4 people work with a coach on identified leadership themes. Programs vary in length from 3-12 months.

Coach Education for Leaders

‘Coaching Education for Leaders’ builds coaching skills in leaders and the organisation. The program is designed to increase individual capability and embed a coaching culture into the organisation.

Career Coaching

Work is a creative endeavour. How we manage our careers is essential. We work with individuals in all stages of their careers to gain clarity and create fulfilling work lives.


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