Vision and Values - CASE STUDY

Issue: The Problem

A professional services firm had lost direction. Structural changes in the environment, poor planning processes and a lack of discipline resulted in unclear portfolios and reduced profitability. This created a risk to the medium term viability of the firm.

Ideas: Our Thinking

We observed a focus on clients had over shadowed strategic direction for the firm. We noted the values and aspirations were unclear. We hypothesised that reinvigorating the values and aspirations of the firm would provide a platform for planning. We felt this was a crucial first step. We recommended a vision and values project. 

Innovation: What We Did

We developed a series of owner-leader forums to examine the mission and underpinning values of the firm. We used 4Points past-present-futureĀ© methodology. This involves creative use of visual media to surface assumptions and aspirations. Scenarios were created to refine ideas. Data was collated and feedback to participants.

The mission and values were refined in facilitated sessions.

Impact: The effect

The program assisted the organisation to 

  • Renew its vision and values
  • Connect people to the heart of the organisation
  • Articulate the specific desired state of the firm including income, portfolios, culture and strategic niche
  • Embed strategic skills inside the organisation
  • Develop a rhythm to review, adapt and plan
  • Develop a shared direction for planning

We noted the values and aspirations were unclear.


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