Strategy - CASE STUDY

Issue: The Problem

The board and CEO of a privately owned company recognised strategic drift in the organisation. Lack of a medium term focus and a vision for the future had contributed to stalled sales growth and inertia. This was a risk to the viability of the organisation.

Ideas: Our Thinking

We discovered the organisation was unfamiliar with structured strategic planning and data gathering. This sensitised us to the need for a thorough engagement process that tapped the insights of people across the organisation. We were reminded of Mintzberg’s observation that grass root participation is sometimes lost in traditional strategy methods. We recommended a participatory strategic project.

Innovation: What We Did

We created a diverse planning team sponsored by the CEO to oversee the project. A series of rolling discovery sessions were implemented across the organisation aimed to educate, define a vision and collect strategic insights. These focused on story telling. Data was collected and presented back to the teams for review in cycles. We introduced strategic planning methods and tools to sharpen insights and facilitated the design of new strategy plans across divisions.

Impact: The effect

The program assisted the organisation to 

  • Renew its vision and values
  • Connect people to the heart of the organisation
  • Articulate a short, medium and long term vision
  • Embed strategic skills inside the organisation
  • Develop a cycle to review, adapt and plan

Data was collected and presented back to the teams for review in cycles.


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