ProBono work in the Community Sector - CASE STUDY

Issue: The Problem

A pilot program for highly disadvantaged children (0-5) required strategic direction. Growth was stretching capacity and a review of roles and structure appeared necessary to support the intimate nature of the work.

Ideas: Our Thinking

We were impressed with the highly innovative approach to intensive support for seriously disadvantaged children and families. Discussions with the teams left us wondering whether commitment to the well-being of the children had left room for strategic thinking and planning.  

Innovation: What We Did

We initiated two streams of support. A series of role revision workshops were undertaken with the leadership team. These unpacked areas of duplication, role confusion and potential conflict. These provided a framework for thinking about the future. We also provided strategic coaching for leaders. 

We continue to provide support as the project stretches into its next stage.

Impact: The effect

The program assisted the organisation to 

  • Define roles for the future 
  • Clarify role expectations
  • Define an operating rhythm
  • Embed strategic skills inside the leadership team
  • Set the project up for growth

A pilot program for highly disadvantaged children...


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