Leadership Pods - CASE STUDY

Issue: The Problem

Senior executives in a national finance organisation were frustrated with progress on the implementation of a strategy to improve performance management. The initiative required senior leaders to model the process. Uptake was painfully slow and accompanied by resistance to more training on ‘soft skills’.

Ideas: Our Thinking

We were reminded that many leaders suffer from ‘training fatigue’. Evaluation of our own programs demonstrates that small group coaching is a highly effective method of engaging leaders in development processes. We proposed offering a series of brief “Leadership Pods” over six months as an alternative to training.

Innovation: What We Did

We conducted a series of brief interviews to assess current barriers to the performance management program. We used this data to establish a thematic focus. The Pods were designed as coaching rather than ‘training’, and consisted of groups of up to five peers from diverse parts of the business. ‘Real life’ leadership scenarios were explored in each session using experiential and didactic methods. Participants were accountable to complete short learning tasks between sessions. Space allocated in each session to provide coaching on individual leadership needs. 

Impact: The effect

The program assisted in 

  • building momentum and engagement with the performance management strategy
  • increased confidence to tackle day-to day management problems 
  • reframing ‘soft skills’ as pragmatic management skills for leaders
  • up-skilling participants in a range of people skills
  • supporting leaders to seek individual coaching

We were reminded that many leaders suffer from ‘training fatigue’.


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