A Culture of Resilience - CASE STUDY

Issue: The Problem

A Federal Department servicing distressed and high need clients sought a program to support resilience and wellbeing among staff. Previous strategies had been unsuccessful. 

Ideas: Our Thinking

One of the risks in this area is assuming workplace stress is correlated with individual traits. Interventions often focus on the person rather than the work system. We were interested in exploring a strategy that simultaneously addressed the person, their role and the nature of the work system. 

Innovation: What We Did

We conducted a brief research phase to establish staff needs and organisational supports/barriers to resilient work practices. We collaborated with the organisation to design a change program. This included a series a half-day workshop on workplace resilience. A peer support and defusing model was introduced to the organisation through targeted training with work teams. Follow-up small group coaching ensured the new culture of resilience was supported.

Impact: The effect

The program assisted in 

  • building a culture of resilience
  • establishing networks and protocols to support staff
  • clarifying the nature of workplace stressors 
  • developing personal and peer based resilience skills among workers

Our team collaborated with the organisation to design a change program.


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