Culture Change - CASE STUDY

Issue: The Problem

A culture of excessive work demand, unsustainable work practices and high turn over were identified at a large insurance firm. The management group were interested in understanding the culture better and initiating changes to reduce risk and increase sustainability.

Ideas: Our Thinking

Experience told us that change to organisational culture cannot be imposed. Engagement across the firm would be required. Hypotheses and options were generated via a brief research project. We considered work flow, large group dynamics and leadership as enacted in the organisation. We recommended a collaborative culture change process for the firm.

Innovation: What We Did

 A diverse advisory team was created to sponsor and drive the initiative. We collaborated to devise a multi-tiered change program. 

The project commenced with an experiential session with the whole management group. This session involved actors playing out a ‘day in the life’ of the company and exploring the relevant issues. This was a novel way of drawing out the themes impacting on culture. 

We implemented a series of tailored small group coaching sessions. The sessions developed skills, motivation and capacity to make changes in work practices and behaviour. 

A series of workshops on creative work practices were delivered to people managers. This was supported by an executive lead communication strategy. 

Impact: The effect

A 6 month evaluation demonstrated the program assisted in 

  • a significant increase in capacity, skill and motivation to improve work and life practices. 
  • 86% of teams improving work practices
  • improving work engagement

The program was adopted and offered to other businesses in the organisation. Over 900 people have attended similar initiatives over the past 3 years. 

Our experts collaborated to devise a multi-tiered change program.


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