Coaching in Groups - CASE STUDY

Issue: The Problem

A large financial services organisation was seeking to improve aspects of its people culture. A key area for improvement was the capacity for managers and employees to engage in meaningful coaching conversations and create useful and motivating development plans.

Ideas: Our Thinking

4Points conducted a series of exploratory interviews and discussions with a cross section of the organisation. This provided insight into the barriers to change. In partnership with the organisation we constructed an innovative learning solution that dove tailed with existing assessment frameworks.

Innovation: What We Did

We constructed a small group coaching program that targeted both managers and employees. This was piloted and modified based on the feedback from participants and managers. In consultation with the business the program was rolled out to over 120 managers and a sample of 120 staff. The roll out was conducted with the support of the executive team. The key features of the program included: a small group coaching learning approach, between session learning tasks, supporting documentation and resources, and a formal evaluation and feedback process (including a 3 month follow up).

Impact: The effect

Evaluation results identified

  • staff and managers had increased awareness, skills and confidence to engage in open and courageous feedback discussions
  • managers identified significant improvements in their commitment to support the development process
  • 97% of employees felt their development discussion were held in the context of open and honest feedback
  • 97% felt they were committed to making their development plans work for them
  • 78% of managers agreed that the implementation of their direct reports development plan had lead to improvements in their current job

Staff and managers had increased awareness, skills and confidence.


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