Our Approach to our Work

Organisations are dynamic systems. Globalisation, technology, diversity and competition have created complex and rapidly changing organisations. These conditions create significant psychological and systemic challenges. 

Dynamic environments call for a fluid consulting approach. We work from a human centred design framework combined with action research methods. This approach is grounded in the following principles.

Principles and Methods

  • Look again. The pace and pressures of organisational life often push for the fastest fix. Immediate solutions to complex issues often don’t work and can further mask what’s really going on. 
  • Next steps come from first steps. We design in phases. It is unhelpful to over engineer or attempt to predict the best solution early in a project’s lifecycle. 
  • Bring the outside in. It’s easier to identify a path forward with the help of ‘fresh eyes’, new ideas, and different perspectives. We bring this.
  • Bring the inside out. People inside an organisation hold important clues to the best solution. Our task is to draw out creative ideas from those involved. 
  • Involvement leads to learning. Every time we engage with a client and their work system it should result in people learning things (that includes us).
  • The consulting relationship impacts on the quality of the results. Following Schein, we believe that a decisive factor bearing on positive outcomes is the quality of the relation ship between the consultant and client. 

We work from a human centred design framework and use action research methods.


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