About Us

We share a commitment to improving organisations, leadership, and lives. We have diverse backgrounds and orientations, and are known for our ideas, innovation, and impact.

We maintain a mix of work with private, government, and not-for-profit sectors. This is important to us – in moving between sectors we learn more and have more to share.

4Points offers a spectrum of organisational services. These include strategy, organisation development, culture change, learning, leadership, and coaching.

Our approach is pragmatic, real world, and evidence based. Our clients see us as a fresh alternative to big management consulting firms. 


The 4points of a compass give direction and orientation. We provide both. We assist you to move from a point of view, to a viewing point.

To achieve an understanding of your organisation and how we can help, we focus on four dimensions.

  1. The Individual – to enhance their capability, insight, creativity and effectiveness
  2. The Group – to understand how dynamics impact performance
  3. The Organisation - to analyse and improve strategy, culture, systems and approaches to change
  4. The Interaction – to ensure a collaborative, robust, and productive relationship with our clients

The 4th Point underpins all our work. It is the quality of the relationship we build with our clients that drives positive outcomes.

Work is central to our identity. It should be enriching and enhancing.


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